“Our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.” ~ Brene’ Brown

My Philosophy

There is so little in the world that we can truly count on. It can feel like absolutely everything is beyond our control. Each of us does, however, have within us the power to change the way we look at the challenges that life throws at us. Through connection and trust, we will identify your own unique strengths and build upon those strengths to improve the way you view and manage the situations, relationships, and memories that are standing in the way of your personal happiness. I’d be honored to walk alongside you on your journey to your best self. Together, we will work towards identifying what stands in the way of your joy, inner peace, and self-acceptance, then develop and practice strategies to improve your ability to manage those challenges as they arise.


My Approach to Therapy


Individual Counseling

I am a client-centered, trauma-informed, solution-focused therapist. Essentially, this means that:

  1. I realize that no one knows who you are or what you need better than you do.
  2. I view my clients through the lens of “What have you been through? rather than “What is wrong with you?”
  3. I believe that therapy is meant to bring about positive, noticeable changes in my clients’ lives.

Couples’ Counseling

I take an eclectic approach with my couples. First and foremost, I see the relationship as my client. Any suggestions or homework I give will be meant to improve the partnership. I seek to understand each partner’s attachment style and love language, as these play an integral part in how we show up in important relationships. Finally, I use cognitive behavioral therapy to identify any core beliefs that may be interfering with honest and effective communication.


Make an Appointment

I’d love to hear from you! If you’re struggling with feelings of loss, sadness, uncertainty, fear, or confusion, let’s talk. If you feel disconnected from yourself or others, let’s talk. Let’s connect and discuss how therapy can improve your life.


“What can be said about Ms. Mary, which will make justice to how tremendous the work she does is. I have been her patient for over a year, and I do not feel like I am talking to a therapist but rather someone who really cares and sees me with patience and motherly love. If it wasn’t for her and after what I have been through and done, I have no idea where I would have been now. She is the type of person that can make one see there is light at the end of the tunnel.”


Age 43

“Throughout my life, I have experienced many struggles that not all have faced. This in turn brought many people into my life in attempts to put me on the correct path for mental health and general wellbeing. I have spoken with several mental health counselors in the past, but all pale in comparison to sitting in Mary’s office. Her compassion and kindness are only rivaled by her drive to push you toward your goal. Mary carries an instinct that seems to allow her to slide in just the right amount of humor as well as professionalism to express concern without being condescending while doing either one.”


Age 30

“Having gone through many therapists, never have I felt more comfortably uncomfortable leading to positive living than I have with Mary Taylor. She held me accountable and ensured my focus on things that would aid in my overall care and quality of life. Even when I regressed, my self-sabotaging behavior was addressed and curtailed in an effective and positive manner. My life has ultimately become better because of Mary Taylor.”


Age 52

“Working with Mary has been amazing. She’s compassionate, understanding, empathetic, and easy to talk to. I never feel judged when I share with her. She has been an integral part of my growth and recovery.”


Age 43